Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission   Our Vision
By following the scientific and practical developments in the sector simultaneously, increasing the existing theoretical and practical knowledge capacity, using the obtained knowledge to produce new knowledge, theory, and applications for sector practices; our mission is to improve research, publication, project, and patent performance. To maintain and improve the success of preferability at the regional and national level by working in cooperation with the sector in undergraduate and graduate education. To continuously increase the level of internationalization by developing strategic collaborations with national and international stakeholders, to raise responsible graduates who embrace the qualifications of the Republic of Turkey and adopt ethical values.  

To adopt the understanding of perfectionism in academic studies and sector practices by conducting high-quality scientific studies in cooperation with the sector. To raise graduates who will improve the quality of life in every field by following technological developments and providing world-class higher education. To be a leading faculty that is the most preferred in its strategic region, which has achieved sustainable success and is respected by all segments of the society.

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