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Established in 2010, the Marketing Department started its undergraduate education with primary education (daytime education) programs in the 2012-2013 academic year and secondary education (evening education) programs in the 2013-2014 academic year. In addition, the Marketing Master's Program (graduation with thesis) accepted its first students in the 2016-2017 academic spring term. The Marketing Department conducts internationally recognized research and training in various specialties such as customer relations, customer experiences, service and product innovations, strategic marketing, supply chain management, and related phenomena. Our scientific activities include conference presentations and the publication of articles covering a wide range of market topics. The Department has experienced, qualified and devoted members of the faculty. The language of instruction is Turkish.

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Department Web Page: http://pazarlama.ubf.akdeniz.edu.tr/

Twitter Account: @akdenizpaz

Marketing training gives you:

Understanding customers and markets: As a student, you will understand the needs of customers and their behaviour in various markets, the strategic importance of marketing for companies, and the societal importance of marketing.

Basic knowledge of marketing as a management tool: You will learn the role of marketing as a means of competing in markets, as a way of strategic thinking, and as a perspective of managing an organization.

Knowledge of implementing different marketing activities: We provide you with tools to analyse, plan, perform and evaluate key marketing actions such as product and service development, determining best prices, creating sales and distribution channels, and planning advertising and promotions.

Understanding market research: With the help of market research, you learn to generate, acquire and interpret information about markets, customers, and the work environment.


It is aimed to raise young people who have professional competence, morality, responsibility, problem-solving skills, and communication skills by academic staff who are contemporary and productive, have universal values ​​and are equipped with contemporary knowledge, have a developed sense of corporate belonging, can undertake research and development projects that can meet the needs of the society, produce, use and share information, internalize Atatürk's principles and reforms, and have proven themselves at international level.


Our vision is to be a pioneering department that makes its name known and makes it sustainable, where its academics will achieve international success by carrying out research and development studies at the international level and producing information, protecting the democratic, secular and social state of the law of the Republic of Turkey, feeding on social, cultural, and artistic values, following science and technology with a dynamic and competitive approach, counting service to the society among its main duties.

Program Qualifications

Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework Basic Field of Business and Management (34) Qualifications 6th Level Undergraduate Education Program Qualifications (342)

1- Understands the formal and informal relationships related to a business structure

2- Evaluates a business based on all functional units

3- Uses analytical thinking effectively in the decision making for the problem-solving process.

4- Has a vision of continuous work and learning

5- Carries out all its activities within this framework, equipped with ethics.

6- Analyses the cases encountered by doing research and studies individually and as a team within the organization.

7- Conveys his/her thoughts and suggestions at the level of knowledge and skills he/she has acquired in the field of marketing to the relevant parties, verbally and in writing.

8- Develops effective and creative marketing mix strategies that will suit different market conditions and buyer types in national and international dimensions.

9- Can interpret and analyse data, define problems and suggest solutions by using the knowledge acquired in the field of marketing.

10- Has sufficient awareness of the universality of social rights, social justice, quality, and cultural values, environmental protection, occupational health, and safety.

11- Evaluates the knowledge and skills gained by marketing education with a critical perspective within the framework of practices in business life.

12- Follows and correctly interprets new trends developing within the framework of marketing


Number of Students

As of the 2019-2020 academic year of our department;

Daytime education undergraduate program: 288

Evening education undergraduate program: 244

Master's program with a thesis: 20

Ph.D. program: 7

It has a total of 559 students.

Graduation Requirements

The student must have passed all the courses in the program and must not have an FF, DZ, or YZ grade. To complete all the courses (total of 240 credits - AKTS) available in the Marketing Undergraduate Program, it is necessary to achieve a weighted grade point average of at least 2.00 out of 4.00.

Degree Earned

A bachelor's degree in Marketing is awarded to students who have completed all the courses in the 4-year education plan and have at least 240 credits.


Structure of the Curriculum

Number and rate of compulsory courses: 47 – 81%

Number and rate of elective courses: 11 – 19%

Year in which elective courses start to be given: 3

Number of non-departmental compulsory elective courses: None

Internship obligation: We have a compulsory Internship course.

Prerequisite courses: None


Language of Instruction

The language of instruction in our department is Turkish.



Students who graduate from this program can apply to study in graduate programs.


Internship and Workplace Training

There is no internship obligation at the end of the 3rd year in the Marketing Department. In addition, the "training at work" program is implemented in the spring semester of the 4th grade.


Employment Opportunities

Marketing graduates can work, in the departments such as marketing, sales, public relations, advertising and promotion, and logistics management; as a brand manager, social media specialist, marketing specialist, sales engineer, public relations specialist, promotion specialist, customer relationship manager, consumer, market, marketing, and public opinion research specialist, store manager, product development specialist. They can be employed in the departments of public institutions, banks, holdings and companies, tourism enterprises and all other businesses. In addition, they can also work as lecturers in the business, public relations, marketing, and logistics departments of universities. They also have the chance to become an attorney by taking the patent and trademark attorney exam of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute.

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