About the Department

As Akdeniz University Faculty of Applied Sciences Department of International Trade and Logistics Management, which is in a strategic position in line with world trade trends; our aim is to train our students in the fields of International Trade and Logistics Management, both theoretically and practically, with the help of sector internships, application laboratories, and various congresses and conferences, and to meet the needs of the sector and bring solutions to the problems.

In recent years, with globalization, there has been a vitality and complexity in the international trade of goods and services and capital flows that cannot be compared with the past. In today's world, where economic and political borders are becoming more transparent, international trade is gaining increasing importance in the countries’ economies. The most important pillars of this process are the developments in information and communication technologies. Thanks to these developments, both the interaction between the markets and the transportation opportunities are developing. Now, a greater number of products can be traded in traditional sectors. With the increasing importance of value-added processes and activities, integrated supply chain management becomes the main point in the efficiency and effectiveness-oriented work of companies.

The Department of International Trade and Logistics Management consists of two different but closely related fields: International Trade and Logistics Management.

International trade includes different but complementary fields such as the economic bases, transactions, and practices related to the import and export of companies (multinational companies) located in different countries, documents used in foreign trade, financing of foreign trade.

Many financial products have emerged in international financial markets to finance foreign trade. Firms have a great need for experts who know modern foreign trade transactions, various documents, and financing methods.

On the other hand, "logistics" is not only a transportation activity, but also the coordination of activities such as receiving, storing, and delivering different components such as goods, services, information, and delivering them at the time and place desired by the customer, within an economic plan. In addition to transportation, logistics requires many services such as warehousing, foreign trade, customs, packaging, and distribution to be carried out in an integrated and harmonious manner.

Logistics practices have gained great importance in today's economic relations and foreign trade. Among the costs of companies, logistics costs have reached a large proportion. Because this field requires expertise, companies are increasingly transferring these activities to logistics companies.

These are the general subjects of the Department of International Trade and Logistics Management of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. During the four-year education period in our faculty, various courses are given in the fields of economics, finance, business administration, marketing, and foreign language. Our students will also receive practical training at their workplaces in line with the university-industry cooperation in their last semester.

Our students can go to contracted Universities in Turkey and abroad with various exchange programs such as Mevlana, Free-Mover, Bologna, Farabi, and especially Erasmus.

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