Education at Work

Click for the "Principles of Education at Work for the Faculty of Applied Sciences", which came into force with the decision of our Faculty Board dated 06.11.2018.

For students to take the " Education at work" course in a business, an " Education at work protocol" must be made between the relevant business and our faculty. " Education at work" course held in a business that has not signed a protocol will be deemed unsuccessful. Click here for an example of “Education at work protocol”.



Principles for the Education at work:

  • It will be implemented as of 06.11.2018.
  • The compulsory education at work period has been determined as the spring semester of the relevant academic year.
  • It will be applied to all students enrolled in International Trade and Logistics, Marketing and Management Information Systems departments.

The documents that our students should bring about education at work vary according to the place of insurance. Please follow the process according to where your insurance is made below.


Faculty - Industry Coordinator




Fuat Avşar

Education at work commissions

Commission Members

International Trade and Logistics


Management Information Systems

Finance and Banking



Assoc. Dr. İ. Taylan DÖRTYOL

Dr. Tayfun YÖRÜK

Assoc. Dr. Ulaş ÜNLÜ


Dr. Hüseyin TOPUZ

Assoc. Dr. R. Meltem YETKİN ÖZBÜK

Assoc. Dr. K.Kürşat ÇEVİK

Dr. Ayşegül CİĞER


Res. Makber TEKİN



Dr. Ahmet KAYA





Res. Mehmet CİVAN

Substitute Member

Dr. A. Beyhan AKAY

Res. Aslı GÜVEN






"Work accident and occupational disease insurance" will be provided to students who will receive education at work (Mandatory Non-Unit Application) per Article 5-b of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510.

Students who will start their education at  work are required to obtain the following documents from the Student Affairs Office or the web page and submit them following the workflow until 7 working days before the start of the internship to make their insurance entries.


  1. Education at Work Application Form (2 Pieces)
  2. Social Security Form
  3. Copy of Identity Card
  4. Statement on Protection of Confidential Information, Trade Secrets and Patent Rights for the Education at Work course
  5. Check mark


2022-2023 Eğitim Öğretim Yılı Bahar Yarıyılında kullanılacak ve aylar itibari ile hazırlanmış olan “İşyerinde Eğitim Uygulaması Puantaj Çizelgeleri”

Şubat - Mart Ayı Puantaj Çizelgesi

Mart - Nisan Ayı Puantaj Çizelgesi

Nisan - Mayıs Ayı Puantaj Çizelgesi

Mayıs - Haziran Ayı Puantaj Çizelgesi

(Address for shipments by courier: Akdeniz Üniversitesi Uygulamalı Bilimler Fakültesi Dumlupınar Bulvarı, Akdeniz Üniversitesi Kampüsü (Eski İletişim Fakültesi Binası) 07070 Konyaaltı/ANTALYA)

a) Our students will fill in the " Education at Work Application Form " and have it approved by the Student Affairs Office first, and then by the establishment where they will train at the workplace, by filling in the relevant fields.

b) The first 6 documents, together with the document approved by the enterprise, must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office at least 7 working days before the start of the internship to make the insurance entries. (If it is submitted late, the start date of the internship will be postponed to 7 working days, based on the date of receipt of the document.)

c) Students must submit one copy of the " Education at Work Application Form" approved by the head of the relevant department and the faculty-industry coordinator to the company where they will do their internship.

d) Our students are required to fill in the "Check mark" within the first week after the 15th of each month within the scope of the workplace training course and send it to the relevant department secretariats by hand or by courier. It is the student's responsibility to follow up and deliver this form.



1) Our students will be able to start their education at their workplaces only after their insurance entries are made. The work done in the enterprise without insurance entries will not be counted as the internship period.

2) Students must do their internship at the institution and between the dates specified in the compulsory non-unit application (internship) schedule. Other applications will not be taken into consideration and insurance transactions are not under the responsibility of our Faculty.

3) Any changes to be made in the workplaces or dates for the Workplace Training course must be notified to our Faculty within 2 working days and the documents must be completed and submitted again when necessary.

4) Necessary documents and the process related to Education at Work have been announced on the web and on our Faculty Boards, the insurance of students who do not comply with the specified conditions or who have missing documents will not be insured, and all responsibility regarding this belongs to the student (for late delivery or missing documents in shipments by courier or post), and out faculty has no responsibility. You should find out whether the cargo or mail has arrived or if there are any missing documents by calling our Faculty Student Affairs.



Education at Work File Cover Page

Daily Report of Education at Work

Education at Work Evaluation Form  (To be filled in by the Education at Work Officer)



Our students who have already been working, can show their workplace as “education at work internship” if the department commission deems it appropriate.

  1. An official letter from the workplace they work, showing the department they work in and the dates they work.
  2. Insurance transcripts are approved by SGK or obtained from the internet and approved by the business where the internship is made.
  3. Click here to access the printed petition requesting that permanent staff work be counted as an "education at work" course.


Education at Work File Cover Page

Daily Report of Education at Work

Education at Work Commitment Form for the Pandemic Period

Education at Work Evaluation Form (To be filled in by the Education at Work Officer) (İşyerinde Eğitim Yetkilisi Doldurulacaktır ve Kapalı Zarf İçerisinde Fakültemize Teslim Edilecektir/Gönderilecektir.)

Education at Work Student Inspection Form (To be filled by the Consultant Instructor after the inspections)

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