Completed Projects

  1. “Atık İlaç Projesi/Pharmaceutical Waste Project” :Under the leadership of Assoc. Dr. Fahriye MERDİVENCİ; “Pharmaceutical Waste Project” was carried out in order to raise awareness about the potential dangers that may arise from waste and residual drugs and the harm they can cause to nature and living life, and to collect and systematically dispose of these drug wastes.

    Within the scope of the project, the harms of waste drugs to the environment and living life were explained with a student group of 70 people, the necessary institutions and organizations were contacted for the disposal of waste drugs, waste drugs were collected and drugs were delivered to those in need. In this direction, posters were prepared to reach the masses, a booth was set up, activities carried out with the project group established in social networks were introduced and brief information was given.





2. “Toplumsal Afet Gönüllüsü Projesi/Disaster Volunteer Project”: Under the leadership of İsmail KARAYÜN PhD. “Disaster Volunteer Project” was carried out to train university students as social disaster volunteers in cooperation with AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) and university, to raise individual awareness in accordance with the United Nations Disaster Mitigation rules and to raise awareness about social aid and support during disaster response and recovery after disasters.

28 people who applied through the AFAD Volunteer System and whose applications were approved registered for the relevant project. Information meeting on AFAD Volunteering System was held at Sealife Hotel. After the meeting, one-on-one meetings were held with the project coordinator from AFAD Antalya Provincial Directorate, the steps to be followed were determined and a Whatsapp group was established. All kinds of information sharing is provided through this communication channel. After completing the online trainings, students were given e-volunteer certificates.



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