About the Program


The program aims to present theoretical knowledge and practical applications in the fields of banking and finance, to provide the opportunity to learn about the changes and developments in the banking and finance sector, thus contributing to the training of the expert human resources needed by the sector and contributing to the professionals who want to become experts in these fields. Thanks to the program, the latest developments in the fields such as finance, banking, and insurance are conveyed and the professionals with the ability to reason, question, examine, think numerically, analyse, interpret and apply and can follow the innovations and economic developments in the banking and finance sector in detail and take quick action, will be raised. It is desired to train senior executive candidates who can be employed in the sector, who can put their decisions into practice, manage risks, think creatively, and have a command of the legislation. For this program, it is thought that sufficient training can be provided for the technical and personal development issues required by the banking and finance sector profession.

Academically, the branch of finance, banks, intermediary institutions, factoring companies, forecasting companies, insurance companies, capital market and related public institutions, money market intermediaries, and real sector companies need individuals who are specialized in the field of banking and finance. This need is increasing day by day. In addition, there is a need for well-equipped and qualified specialists with sufficient knowledge to ensure a healthy structure in the financial sector. The framework of this program is to prepare the companies that lead the financial sector to undertake effective duties and responsibilities and to train competent, well-equipped, and qualified specialists.

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