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The management of institutions operating in the public and private sectors requires expertise. People who will be managers in the sector should know marketing terminology, determining the wants and needs of consumers, analysing rival companies, creating distribution and supplier opportunities, improving consumer after-sales services, and many other areas. The purpose of the program is to train executive candidates and academicians who are well-versed in strategies and techniques, strong in analytical thinking, competent in problem solving and decision-making, and able to use power arising from the combination of both theoretical knowledge and practice to increase the welfare level of the country. With the department to be opened, it is aimed to train managers who are knowledgeable in the field of marketing, competent in making strategic decisions, focused on solutions to global or local problems and who use scarce and limited resources effectively and efficiently, and adopt the concepts of mission and vision.


The program is aimed to be a steppingstone for academicians who will contribute to the world of science through competent academic studies focused on marketing.

There is no master's program with a thesis, which provides training for specialization in the field of marketing, within the Institute of Social Sciences of Akdeniz University. Considering that 46% of CEOs in Turkey come from the marketing department, it becomes clear that a master's program with a marketing thesis is necessary. Although Antalya has a limited industry sector share, it shows significant growth in the service sector. One-third of the tourists who came to Turkey in 2008 preferred Antalya. The increase in tourism activities day by day means that the business volume and profitability of many tourism-related sectors increase. The department that will best understand and meet the needs and expectations of tourists coming to Antalya is marketing. Because marketing corresponds to a process that starts before the service and continues after the service is over. In this sense, it is thought that the need for competent marketing department employees will be met by the marketing master's program.

The changing world and economic order bring radical changes. Increasing competition, very similar goods and services, increasingly difficult differentiation, falling prices, and declining operating profits make it more important to know and apply marketing. Customer relationship management is important in finding and retaining customers and establishing their loyalty to the business. With the marketing thesis master's program, it is desired to achieve a set of goals in which customer relations become more profitable, differentiation can be achieved, costs can be minimized, operating efficiency can be increased, harmonious activities can be provided, and customer demands, and expectations can be met.

For international companies or SMEs, international marketing is an important tool in providing solutions that have value to consumers, building and developing strong relationships with consumers, and in return obtaining results that have tangible value for the business. SMEs in Antalya that want to export abroad and international companies operating in Antalya need competent employees who are specialized in international marketing. With this program, it is planned to recruit employees with the required expertise to the sector.

For public and private institutions to work efficiently, it is necessary to conduct marketing research. Public opinion and market research in the world is a sector with a size of 39 billion dollars and it grows by an average of 2.5% every year. USA, England, and Germany hold 50% of the business volume of this sector. In Turkey, the size of the sector in question is around 200 million dollars. Companies should know a sector they are in or consider entering very closely, and analyse the market well. Poor market research or intuitive decision-making without market research can have irreversible consequences for companies. One of the important objectives of the Marketing Master's Program is to strengthen the sector by training sufficient and specialized marketing researchers, to ensure that companies are directed to more accurate consumer groups by obtaining qualified data, to ensure that consumer expectations are met, and to ensure the growth of the country and the efficient management of scarce resources.


Marketing Master’s Degree Program Coordinator


Admission and Registration Conditions

General admission requirements for Turkish and foreign students are valid to start the program.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Successful students who have completed at least one semester in another department of the institute or a graduate program affiliated with an equivalent institute of another university can apply for lateral transfer to graduate programs. For the student's lateral transfer application to be accepted, a weighted grade point average should be at least 75 from the courses he/she has registered until the application date. Besides, there should be a harmony between the graduate education program he/she is currently continuing and the program he/she wants to transfer in terms of courses and entry conditions, and members and infrastructure facilities must be available. A student who wishes to transfer to a graduate program of the university, applies to the relevant institute directorate by attaching the required documents to the petition. The Director of the institution receives the opinion of the department by sending the application documents to the head of the relevant department or art branch. If this opinion is positive, the student asks for the names of the courses that are required to be taken to adapt himself/herself to the program. It is decided later whether the lateral transfer request is appropriate or not.


Transition to Senior Programs

Graduates who complete the master's program can apply to doctoral programs both in their fields and in multidisciplinary fields, with condition to provide a valid grade from the ALES and English language proficiency exams. Then, they are accepted to the program if they are also successful in the oral exam.


Graduation Requirements and Rules

The student must pass all the courses in the program. For the student to be entitled to receive the undergraduate diploma in this program, he/she must be successful in all the courses in the eight semesters of the program and must collect at least 52.5 credits. To be entitled to receive a master's degree, the GPA must be at least 2.50 out of 4.00.


Graduate Employment Profiles

Graduates of the program can find jobs in managerial positions in departments such as sales, marketing, distribution, purchasing, and marketing research. With the theoretical knowledge and practical experience they have gained, our students who graduate from our program also use our references to gain an advantage in finding a job in Turkey's important enterprises.


Graduate Student Representative: Elif Tanrıkulu

Click for the policy decisions taken by the Board of the Department of Marketing, dated 03.10.2016 and numbered 1/1 (62514535-101.03.02) belonging to the Master's Program of the Department of Marketing.

Documents to be filled by the advisors of the students who meet the conditions in line with the policy decisions:

Graduate Student Publication (Article) Condition

Graduate Student Conference Proceeding Condition

Thesis Proposal Presentation of a Master's Student


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