About the Program

The finance and banking sector, which is constantly renewed with the effect of technological change, is growing rapidly and there is a need for a qualified workforce to be employed in these sectors. Because of the competition in the financial sector, the fields of expertise are now taken into consideration in the selection of the staff who can be employed in these sectors. The aim of the Finance and Banking Department within the Faculty of Applied Sciences is to train successful students with the potential of creating experts and managers who have received basic education in the banking and finance sector, who can quickly meet the demand for a qualified workforce that these sectors will need. Thanks to the education given in our department, it is aimed to train students who can follow the innovations and economic developments in the finance and banking sector, who can take quick action, manage risks, think creatively, adapt to change, and can work in important career groups in the finance and banking sector.

With the advantage of being in the faculty of applied sciences, the students of the finance and banking department will be prepared with experience for business life by receiving theoretical knowledge and practical applications, which include up-to-date developments in the fields of banking and finance. To enable them to gain professional experience with the education they receive, students will be provided with the opportunity to do internships in public or private sector institutions in the fields of banking and finance. In addition, senior executives and bankers in the finance sector will be invited to give conferences and seminars to our department to increase the knowledge and work experience of the students, and thus the knowledge gained by the students will be reinforced.

Students who graduate from the Finance and Banking Department can work in the public and private sectors, such as finance, banking, and insurance. In addition, all graduates of our department will be able to work in the same fields with students who graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

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