About the Program

In our department, where we accepted students for the first time in the 2020-2021 academic year, we provide training with our academic curriculum, which we have meticulously prepared for each of our graduates to start working and to be an efficient and high-performance employee as soon as they start working. Our department periodically organizes meetings with both internal and external stakeholders and learns the competencies that the market expects from graduates in the recruitment process, and the content of our courses is adjusted according to these competencies. As a basic principle in our department, we aim to train graduates who have T-Shape skills (Figure 1), can think analytically, are prone to technology, which is an inevitable necessity of the age, are suitable for teamwork, and can work with high performance under all conditions and with anyone.

Ekran Alıntısı.JPGFigure 1: Insurance Department Targeted T-Shape Skills


We develop methods that will provide continuous and sustainable information flow from the sector in order to ensure that our graduates are candidates who have verbal, written and digital communication skills, have high financial literacy, can adapt to organizational governance, and have advanced marketing skills, as well as information about the basic products of insurance. In order for our students to develop their theoretical skills and apply them in practice, we have an on-the-job training period during the 8th semester of our curriculum. In addition, in our contacts with stakeholders in the sector, we continue to receive feedback from insurance companies and agencies that they are interested in for our students in Antalya, especially before the 8th semester, within the framework of summer internship and mentorship.

Our graduates want to be trained in such a way that they can find a job in the insurance sector, where job opportunities are wide and diverse, as well as in banks, consultancy institutions, relevant units of public institutions and in every unit where "risk/income management" activities are needed. Our graduates can start their careers in insurance companies and agencies, as well as in professional groups within the sector such as brokers, actuaries and experts. We will continue to work with the market to keep the quality of graduates secure and sustainable within the framework of the re-evaluations and industry feedback we make at the department meetings at the end of each semester.

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